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New Patients

Kilbirnie Dentist’s is a community focused practice.

This year Dr Cara Welch has volunteered her time to assist with the 2015 Colgate Free Dental treatment day. On Sunday 5th July she will be assisted by Andrea Besseling our Practice Manager. Together they will provide dental treatment for high needs patients in Wellington. The New Zealand Dental Association and Colgate, partner up every year in July for Oral Health Month to raise awareness about oral health. The free clinic that is set set up, give’s us the opportunity to give back to our community

Over the last 12 months we have been involved with several community events.

Dr Tiffany Logan, and Andrea Besseling (Practice Manager) volunteered their time to provide dental treatment for high needs patients in Wellington on 6th July 2014.

We put a patient case forward to “the wish for a smile trust”. We have successfully achieved a positive result for the patient and she has been accepted into the programme.

Promoting healthy sports drinking habits was a focus last year. We donated drink bottles to some school teams to ensure hydration was with water. Samuel Marsden – two Netball teams, Scots College – Underwater Hockey and Miramar Christian School -Touch rugby team were some of the recipients.