Dental Fillings

Types of Dental Fillings

1.  Amalgam

One of the oldest and reliable materials used for dental fillings, amalgam or “silver filling”, has a very good track record as a restorative material. While some patients are concerned about the mercury content of this material, New Zealand Dental Association and scientific studies have shown no harmful effects of mercury used in amalgam. However, because of the advancements in restorative material science, other materials have been developed that have similar properties to amalgam and are “tooth coloured”. Therefore this practice rarely uses dental amalgam and, if so, for very specific cases.

2.  Gold Inlay/Onlay

This is a filling that is crafted in dental lab and is made to fit precisely within the tooth. It is has the advantage of strength and durability. While it is one of best restorations, it is also one the most expensive.

3.  Composite

Composite dental fillings (white fillings) are by far the most popular method to restore decayed teeth. After removing the decay on the tooth, white filling is placed inside the tooth and hardened using a curing light. They have natural tooth colour appearance, show excellent strength and durability that is comparable to amalgam.

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