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Dental ACC Providers

ACC dental treatment providers

Have you recently had an accident which damaged your teeth? Whether you’ve been playing sports or driving your car, if you’ve been involved in an accident that caused damage to your mouth or teeth, you could receive assistance from ACC toward dental treatment costs.

How does ACC dental treatment work?

If you’ve recently had an accident that led to a dental issue, it’s important you see your dentist as soon as possible. At Real Dentistry, we are perfectly suited to handling emergency dental concerns and can treat patients aged 13 years or older. We are ACC registered dentists and can discuss which parts of your treatment will be necessary and covered through ACC.

Once your dentist has assessed the damage to your teeth and mouth, you’ll fill in an ACC form and we’ll send this through for coverage approval. Further treatment requiring a specialist or ongoing visits will require approval from ACC as necessary.

How do I know if I can get ACC dental treatment?

In general, ACC will cover most accidents where the individual took all necessary precautions beforehand. Just like brushing your teeth prevents cavities, a mouthguard or a seatbelt will prevent serious injury while playing sports or driving a vehicle.

However, ACC won’t cover damage to teeth due to normal use and wear and tear and will assess the health and condition of your teeth before the accident as well. Scheduling a regular checkup with your dentist will provide recent notes or X-rays from before an accident that can support a legitimate claim.

For more information on making a claim with ACC, you can visit their website.

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