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Dental Bridges

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. It is fixed in place in your mouth, so it is not removable like a denture or plate is. Dental bridges normally made from porcelain fused to metal, this way you retain a natural-looking smile and the metal provides the strength needed for normal use. The natural teeth next to your missing tooth or teeth will be used as the support for the bridge, and the gap will be filled by a prosthetic crown. This all sits flush to the gums so there are no visible gaps.

How is a dental bridge made?

Dental bridges are made in much the same way as dental crowns. The natural teeth that become the bridge supports will be prepared as if they are receiving a dental crown. A mould of the teeth is then made and sent to a laboratory to build the bridge. While the bridge is being made, the supporting teeth have temporary dental crowns placed for protection. When the bridge is ready, the temporary crowns are removed and the bridge is cemented over the supporting teeth. The result is a sturdy and natural-looking structure that replaces missing teeth without the fuss of a denture.

Book In A Consultation

If you have missing teeth book a consultation with one of our lovely Wellington dentists. They will discuss with you what treatment options are available for you and whether a dental bridge is suitable for your needs. Once the plan is drawn up we will get you booked in to begin treatment!

Dental Bridges