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Emergency Dental Appointments

Emergency dental appointments and treatments

Emergency dental treatments are often something you often can’t plan for. At Real Dentistry, our team pride themselves on being responsive, professional, and fully capable of handling all dental inquiries, no matter their severity.

We ensure you are as comfortable as possible during any treatment and will advise you on the procedure and any concerns beforehand. Most of the time, emergency dental work will require a local anaesthetic to numb the area.

If you are suffering from severe pain, a swollen mouth, or a visible infection, you should call your local dentist immediately to schedule an appointment. Left unattended, unhealthy teeth and gums can quickly lead to infection, abscess formation, and surgery.

Wisdom teeth extraction

Wisdom teeth can be a cause of irritation and pain for many people. While some individuals may have perfectly aligned wisdom teeth with enough space for them to come through naturally, this is definitely rarer than at least one complication.

Not all your wisdom teeth will come through at once and, without regular checkups with your dentist, often go unnoticed until it’s too late. Wisdom teeth that erupt at an angle can cause a misaligned bite, place pressure on the surrounding teeth that lead to increased decay, or provide the perfect gap in your gum for food to enter and lead to infection.

If your wisdom teeth are giving you pain, it’s important you see your dentist early to prevent the need for emergency treatment. While dental extraction of wisdom teeth is overly common, it can be a relatively simple procedure for a patient with an otherwise healthy mouth. When wisdom teeth are neglected, an emergency dental extraction may be the only option available.

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The experienced team at Real Dentistry are happy to discuss your dental concerns and recommend the ideal treatment for your situation and budget. The options available to patients are now safer, easier, and more effective than ever – we can create natural and aesthetically pleasing solutions to your damaged or broken teeth.

If you have any questions, please discuss them with your dentist during your initial consultation. Call 04 387 9392 to book your appointment.

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Root canal treatment

A root canal treatment involves removing the damaged area of the tooth, then sealing and covering it for continued protection. A root canal treatment is required when the nerve of a tooth is infected, either through injuries – such as sports – or decay and general wear.

An infected tooth cavity is usually indicated by acute throbbing pain, severe sensitivity to hot or cold food and liquids, darkening around the tooth, and swelling or soreness in the surrounding gum area.

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