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WINZ quotes

WINZ dental quotes

If you’re on a low income, it shouldn’t mean you lose access to quality dental care. At Real Dentistry, we can provide quotes for Working and Income New Zealand which may help toward the payment of necessary dental treatment.

How do I get dental treatment with WINZ?

To apply for dental treatment through WINZ, you’ll need to be aged 16 or over, have permanent residency or be a New Zealand citizen, normally live in the country or intend to stay, and have an essential need for treatment. Variable factors to consider on an individual basis are household incomes and asset values.

To apply for dental treatment through WINZ, you’ll first need to get a quote from your dentist. When you call our clinic, let our team know that you’re applying for treatment through WINZ and we’ll help fill out an Emergency Dental Treatment Information form.

What dental treatments does WINZ cover?

Depending on your level of income and the necessity of the treatment, WINZ may be able to offer full or partial coverage for dental work. For urgent dental treatment, WINZ will generally pay up to NZ$300, however, further assistance may be available depending on the individual situation.

It’s also important to be aware that WINZ rarely makes more than one payment for urgent dental work within a single year. However, should you require emergency treatment, you may also seek coverage and assistance through ACC if you experienced damage as the result of an accident.

To see a full list of income and asset brackets, and for more information on WINZ dental quotes, you can visit the WINZ website here.

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