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Root Canal Treatment?

Think You Need A Root Canal?

Do you have a bad toothache? What about swelling or severe sensitivity? If you answered yes to any of those symptoms you may need root canal treatment. When tooth decay goes deep enough, your tooth becomes infected, causing terrible pain and sensitivity.

An x-ray will reveal a dark shadow around the roots of your tooth: this is the infection. Antibiotics can be given to help control the pain and infection, but root canal treatment will be needed to save the tooth and prevent the infection from coming back. Your dentist will make sure to discuss all treatment options with you first.

What Is A Root Canal?

Root canal treatment is kind of like a big filling. It takes 2-3 appointments to complete and a couple of weeks of healing are required after each stage. The infected tooth will be drilled into and the decayed matter will be removed. Your dentist will clean out all infection right down to the very end of each tooth root, going through the hollow canals naturally present in the roots.

After each appointment, your tooth will be built back up again with a bit of white resin – the same material used in white fillings – so that your tooth keeps its natural appearance and function.

Book In A Consultation

If you are in pain or concerned about your teeth our friendly staff will be happy to arrange an appointment for you. The Wellington dentist will assess the issue and work with you to develop the right treatment plan for you. In most cases, we can start treatment at that same appointment!

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