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Cosmetic Dentistry

Not quite happy with your smile?

Most people are insecure about their smiles in some way. Whether you aren’t happy with the shade, shape or size of your teeth there is usually something we can do to help. Not liking your smile can be detrimental to your confidence, but luckily there are a lot of options on offer for natural-looking improvements. Most cosmetic dentistry isn’t very invasive, as small adjustments to the colour and shape of your teeth can drastically improve your smile’s appearance. Before going ahead with any cosmetic dentistry it is important to make sure your mouth has a full bill of health.

How can my smile be improved?

Treatments like whitening, veneers and dental crowns are the most commonly employed tactics to help correct an imperfect smile. Whitening involves applying specialist dental bleach to discoloured teeth to lighten and brighten their appearance. It can be done in the clinic or as a take-home option. Veneers can be made of composite resin (the same material used for white fillings) or porcelain for a stronger result. They are fixed to the front of the teeth and are used to improved shape and colour. Dental crowns are made from porcelain and completely cover a tooth to hide any imperfections.

Where do I start?

Arrange a consultation with our amazing Wellington dentist team to discuss your goals for your appearance, treatment options, and create a complete treatment plan. If you have any other dental work to be done (such as fillings) we will book you in to complete that first before starting the cosmetic work.

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